A sample of spooky writing prompts for Halloween

It’s Halloween! Every year, people celebrate the end of October by getting creative and trying to make the world as scary and creepy as possible. We splatter our necks in fake blood and cover our houses in cobwebs. But at Bedrock, one of our favourite things to do is to try and terrify each other by telling really spooky stories. That’s why we’ve created this list of ten spooky writing prompts that you can give to your students on Halloween.

And if any of your students are struggling to find inspiration, or can’t find the right #vocaBOOlary to get their work started, here’s a sample introduction to one of our prompts. Why not get your students to finish the story in class?

Prompt 6: You and your friends love going to the park, but the park-keeper always kicks everyone out before the sun goes down. He says the park gets really dangerous at night. You and your friends decide to break in and find out what he means.

“Sorry, kids, but it’s time to leave,” the park-keeper said, slamming the gate shut and locking it with a long, rusty chain. “You know the rules.”

“Oh, come on. Just one more hour,” Billie said. “Pleeeaaaaaase.”

The park-keeper shook his head, pointing up at the sun, which was just starting to sink beneath the horizon. He didn’t say anything, but we knew what he meant. He’d told us many times before that the park wasn’t safe at night. Ever since Jamie Buxton disappeared, the grounds had to be put into complete lockdown before sunset came along.

Billie, Musa and I decided to walk back home. We knew there was no point arguing our case any longer, and, besides, the park-keeper frightened us. There were a lot of rumours about him. Anything that happened in that park, he knew about. He was old, with long, silver hair that he kept helmeted beneath a crusty black beanie hat. Even though he walked with a limp, if you ever tried to sneakily stand on the swings or climb the wrong way up a slide, he’d always be there to scowl at you and tell you to “pack it in.” Some people thought he must have been some kind of wizard with all-seeing eyes. Some kind of evil Dumbledore. So, the three of us tried to find a different way to spend the evening.

“We could have a sleepover or something,” I suggested. “I’ve got the new FIFA at home.”

“Yeah, but I wanna play real football,” Billie said, bouncing his yellow Nike ball.”

“It’s getting dark anyway,” I said. “We wouldn’t be able to play much longer.”

“I suppose so,” Billie said. He dropped the ball and began kicking it along the pavement.

Musa rushed in and tackled him. He picked up the ball and tucked it underneath his arm.”

“Wait a minute,” he said, standing in front of us and blocking our path. “Aren’t you two just a little curious about what’s going on in that park?”

I shrugged.

“My mum always just told me it’s because there are creepy people around,” I said. “And creepy people do dangerous things.”

“Creepiest guy I’ve ever seen in that park is the park-keeper,” Musa said.”

“Yeah,” Billie agreed, snagging his ball back from Musa. “He’s a proper weirdo.”

Musa scratched his chin, staring out the side of his eye the way he always did when he was coming up with some kind of plan.

“I think that guy’s up to something,” Musa said. “And I think we should find out what it is.”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

Musa walked behind us and wrapped his arms around our shoulders. He looked at me, then he looked at Billie. A big, cheeky smile was stretched across his face.

“My friends,” he said. “We’re going to break into that park.”.

To see the rest of our spooky Halloween story ideas, download our list of 10 spooky writing prompts for Halloween. If any of your students show really imaginative#vocaBOOlary, why not share them with us on Twitter?

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