Bedrock points: a new approach for analysing student engagement

We’ve introduced a new points system that overhauls the way we recognise student engagement with Bedrock.

Quizzing, recapping, memory checking and starting (not just finishing) a lesson all now count as usage, meaning that students’ efforts in these activities will be acknowledged too.

This is how we now allocate learning points on Bedrock.  The goal is that students should achieve 20 points each week. If they achieve this, they need your praise!

Completed pre-test or post-test: 5 points
Started lesson: 2 points
Completed and passed lesson: 8 points
Completed but failed lesson: 3 points
Successfully learned word in “words I am learning”: 1 point
Successfully remembered word in “words I have learned”: 1 point
Recapping words: 1 point
Block or unit complete: 30 points
Half a block: 15 points

Points are tallied up every seven days and translated into the coloured face that teachers and guardians see in their activity report on a Monday:

Green: 20+ points – well done, this is great usage and requires praise!
Amber: 10-19 points – good progress – encourage your students to keep on track
Red: 1-9 points – intervention required in order to encourage greater usage
Grey: 0 points means the student has either not logged in, or logged in but not done any learning

To find out more about how these changes will help your school, contact your Account Manager directly by email or on 0203 325 9345.

For inspiration about motivating your students on Bedrock through praise, encouragement and intervention, see our blog and poster

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