Boost your child’s learning with the Bedrock summer challenge

Whilst the 6 week holidays are fantastic for family time, fun, and relaxation, children’s language learning can often regress. Parental involvement is key for language learning; it can increase student motivation, boost achievement and maintain attainment.

For the most part, children will pick up new language through incidental learning. But how many of these words, especially Tier 2, do your children retain? In the Bedrock summer challenge, your child could spot the words “departure” or “passenger” as you make your way through the airport, ready to “embark” on your summer adventures. Their Bedrock summer challenge sheet will encourage them to keep note of the words and write down their meanings – and that’s where you come in! When reading new texts or coming across unfamiliar language, children will often just brush over anything they don’t understand, but skipping these words affects their overall understanding. Sitting with your child and actively discussing the words, their meanings, and how they can be used in context will really help to bolster their comprehension and retention of new language.

For example, say your child comes across this paragraph when independently reading Roald Dahl’s Matilda:

“Matilda longed for her parents to be good and loving and understanding and honourable and intelligent. The fact that they were none of these things was something she had to put up with. It was not easy to do so. But the new game she had invented of punishing one or both of them each time they were beastly to her made her life more or less bearable. Being very small and very young, the only power Matilda had over anyone in her family was brain-power. For sheer cleverness she could run rings around them all. But the fact remained that any five-year-old girl in any family was always obliged to do as she was told, however asinine the orders might be.”

This passage is tier 2 word heavy. If your child doesn’t know the meanings of ‘honourable’, ‘bearable’ or ‘asinine’, how well will they understand this passage overall? With the Bedrock summer challenge, we are encouraging your children to note these words and discuss them with you until they have a solid grasp of what they mean.

How does the Bedrock summer challenge work?

In our Bedrock summer challenge pack you will find a downloadable printout to pass onto your children. On the print out, your children can track the new language they learn, where they originally came across that language, and what that word actually means! There is also space for them to put new words to use with a creative writing worksheet.

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