Celebrating students’ Bedrock successes

We’re always thrilled when our member schools tell us the different ways they’re celebrating their students’ Bedrock successes.

So we recently held a competition to encourage them not only to celebrate even more with their students and school community, but to share their #Bedrockcelebration with the wider Bedrock community via Twitter.

Our three deserving winners – Birkdale High School, John Smeaton Academy and Burton Borough School – each won £500 worth of items of their choice for their school. Congratulations to all three and thank you to all the other entrants who also shared their excellent celebration techniques with us on Twitter.

Look out for similar competitions in the future for more opportunities to win (sign up to our newsletter to make sure you don’t miss out, and make sure you follow us on Twitter). In the meantime, check out a selection of each winning school’s entries in order to seek inspiration for your own #Bedrockcelebration.

Birkdale High School (above)

Joined us in 2019; Years 7-10 use Bedrock Vocabulary.

The judges were impressed by how Birkdale High School had an inclusive approach to celebrating their students’ success. They used a variety of reward methods and engaged with both students and parents (who research shows have a deep influence on their children’s learning) through their tweets.

John Smeaton Academy (right)

Joined us in 2018; Years 7-11 use Bedrock Vocabulary

John Smeaton Academy offers its students a range of rewards, presented on a frequent basis throughout the school year. As well as the number of encouraging and positive tweets they post to inspire students, the judges were particularly impressed with their strong parental engagement: they provide a parent guide to access Bedrock and use weekly word challenges to encourage students to use their new vocabulary at home.


Burton Borough School (left)

Joined us in 2019; Years 7-8 use Bedrock Vocabulary and GCSE students are studying from our Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde English Literature GCSE scheme of learning.

Our judges awarded a prize to Burton Borough School for their consistency with their rewards and recognition of their students’ hard work. They displayed various supportive and encouraging tweets and their Stars of the Week displays were friendly and inclusive. They also positively involved parents with their students’ learning. They also said they found inspiration reading other schools’ #Bedrockcelebration entries on Twitter: Laura Keating emailed us to say “It’s been great to see the different ways that schools have celebrated success and it’s been a really good opportunity to see how other schools reward pupil effort and attainment.”

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