How to launch Bedrock during lockdown

It’s easy to get your school set up on Bedrock and engage your students and their parents and guardian, even via remote learning.

Whether your school is launching Bedrock Vocabulary or Bedrock GCSE English, follow these six simple steps to ensure:

your school is set up and your colleagues are up to speed
your students can log in and start learning
your parent/guardian community can encourage their child’s usage and support progress

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1. Short training call (15 mins)

Your designated Customer Success Manager will set up a short training call with your school’s lead Bedrock teacher. This call will ensure your lead knows how to:

  • log into and implement Bedrock
  • make the most of their dashboard to monitor student usage and maximise progress on Bedrock.


2. Distribute logins (10 mins)

Using your school’s lead teacher account, download and share:

  • colleagues’ and students’ usernames and passwords
  • parental access codes.

In the app, click on ‘user accounts’, then select the ‘Student’ or ‘Staff’ tab as appropriate. Click ‘Show passwords and access codes’. . At the top right of the table, click the orange ‘download’ icon to retrieve the passwords and access codes.



3. Share our ‘how to’ videos with colleagues and students


4. Demonstrate Bedrock to your students (20 mins)

Using the demo account provided to you, set up a video call with your students. Show them how Bedrock works by ‘walking and talking’ them through a lesson.


5. Engage parents (15 mins)

Parental engagement has been shown to have a significant impact on Bedrock usage and progress, especially when students are learning from home. Send parents:


6. Set clear expectations of your students (10 mins)

  • Be clear about how many 15-20-minute lessons you expect them to complete per week or per term (our research shows we recommend two lessons a week for optimum progress)
  • Encourage them to take ownership of their learning on Bedrock. The app’s instant feedback makes this easy, but make sure they know that their teachers will be keeping an eye on their usage and progress too
  • Encourage them to discuss their progress (including new vocabulary and subject knowledge) with their parents/guardians.


And you’re off!

For further support, get in touch with your designated Customer Success Manager or email

There are downloadable certificates for students at the end of each topic, but you may want to consider your own interventions over and above these – read how to motivate students on Bedrock.

Boost your child’s literacy and vocabulary with Bedrock

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